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Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE Boston sports fan. I grew up routing for the hometown team, in every sport, and like many others, had my heart broken time after time.

Jonathan Wingo, a Scotch expert from the Balvenie Distillery has some shopping and tasting tips to help

With Father's Day coming up, why not make it an extra special day with some sex advice from Dr.

Today, "The View" co-host Jenny McCarthy called in. She is anything but boring.

Rob Zombie called in today to talk about his new LIVE Concert DVD "The Zombie Horror Picture Show". As always he was friendly, courteous, funny, and open.

Listen to my interview with Chris Cornell below!

Thanks to the Executive Director of the Home Base Program, Retired Brigadier General Jack Hammond for coming up to the studio today!

There are so few real "Rock Stars" int his world, and Jimmy Page is one of them! If it's possible, he's done it. And, he's done some of the impossible too. This is one guy that I NEED to meet before I die.


Check out the video from my day with the BPD K-9 Unit! Here is the Short Version...

I guess the funeral director in Worcester that arranged burial of #1 is writing a book. I was one of those people who criticized his decision to help bury that animal. My biggest reason for protesting?

It started before sunrise, people gathering in Concord at the Old Manse, registering for the Tough Ruck.

Every year, artists release amazing vinyl, limited editions, and reissues in support of local record stores.