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So I saw this.....

So, I saw this.... and was disgusted!

OK... So I saw this.... and thought... WE ARE DOOMED! THIS CRAZY ASS BITCH, IS NOW FAMOUS!?!

So, I saw this today and I thought....

Help that lady with her dog!

So, I saw this... And thought...

You are NOT that hot!

So, I saw this... and thought...

So, I saw this and t

So, I saw this.... and thought to myself...

OK, I saw this over the weekend, and I couldn't believe it.

Like I said yesterday, I will be blogging about what pisses me off, and what makes me think that we are all doomed... And then, giving you some hope that maybe there is something nice about the Human race!

Over the past few weeks, like many other people,  I have been on an emotional rollercoaster. I have seen and heard things that have pissed me off, to my core.

Steven Tefft, winner of Season 2 of Spike TV's Ink Master, is just one of the many tatt

Anyone that knows me, or that has listened to my show, knows that my emotions are worn right on my sleeve.

There are many ways that you can Support The Troops. You can send care packages, help the families while the soldiers are deployed, volunteer, and then there's running...

Dimebag Darrell was WAY ahead of his time. Dime was famous for getting you with fireworks, if you were brave enough to pass out in his house after too much drinking.

Scruffy Wallace from the Dropkick Murphy's and Developer Jimmy Lamarr have joined forces in support of local Veterans in need.