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I had my first mammogram today. I didn't have it because of a family history, or because I found a lump. I had it, because when you have boobies, especially near perfect one's like mine, you should get them checked! 

You've heard the stories from your friends that work in the ER. Or, maybe it's happened to you...?

Remember that time in August when we were bitching about how hot is was? Well, I take it back!

Every year, there are those gifts that "win Christmas"... The best gifts of the year...

These are mine!

One of my favorite quotes is.....

"You know what I like? I like things that explode!"  - Anthony Bourdain

I need a favor, can you add one more Holiday card to your list this year?

Photo credit: Angela George/wikimedia.org

Once again, it's Veterans Day, the day that we say Thank You to all of those that have served our great country.

Yeah, October kicks ass. I love it because it's the 1 month out of the year, that everyone else looks like me! Creepy, spooky, and evil! m/m/

Terrique Chambers used to be just another member of the Boston Police Department Gang Unit, and now he's a TV star, and a Boston Police Officer.

I've had more than one person ask me over the years...

"Why do girls love firefighters so much?"

Well, here is just one reason why.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail has been given a modern twist.  This is what the trailer would look like if the movie came out in theaters today. EPIC!!!

Everyone knows how much I LOVE the Muppets! Take a break from your day to enjoy Steve Martin, Kermit the Frog, and banjos!

OK, I know that I am about to piss some people off, so before I go any further...

Rolling Stone released the cover for the August 3, 2013 issue yesterday.

So, I saw this today... And I thought... You've got to be KIDDING ME!?!

So, I saw this and thought..,. ATTA GIRL!

So, I saw this and thought..... 'Lil Wayne, F*CK YOU!

So, I saw this... and thought... OUCH!!!!!