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Welcome to Mistress Carrie's Blog!

It's the BEST week of the year! The week of Halloween!!!!

Just some ideas for your spooky costumes and make-up!

Thanks to Theron "Mr. November, and Alector "Mr. August" for coming into the studio today!

October, in my humble opinion, is the best month of the year! Sure, you can talk about foliage, or pumpkin spice everything...

But, I love October for 3 distinct reasons.

So I have a funny story to tell you!

My week off at the end of the summer, took an incredibly wrong turn...

I went to the Vineyard, for a friend's wedding.

Happy #NationalDogDay and my pugs say FREE BRADY!

You may not recognize the name Cassandra Peterson, but I promise that you know her alter ego...