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They are cut from the same weird, bloody cloth... So it makes sense that Lady Gaga 'superfan' Alice Cooper would take to the stage at Bonnaroo 2012 and cover Gaga's massive hit Born This Way!

It's that time of year again... When the roads are filled with bikers, headed north, with bags bungeed to their bikes. The roar of motorcycles breaking up the serene Lakes region of New Hampshire.

 Stone Temple Pilots  "Alive In The Windy City" on DVD! On Sale 6/26/2012

You may not like him... You may not like his music... But, one thing is for sure, Kid Rock can put on a show!

According to NME, Axl doesn't even want Slash's image inside G'n'R shows. Fans caught wearing Slash gear are being asked to remove it or leave.

Photo by Dave Bryce

Memorial Day weekend, is the unofficial start of summer... Many of us head to the backyard for a BBQ, or head North to the beach or to the Cape for the long weekend.

Is there a place that Dave Grohl doesn't show up? Is there an artist that he hasn't performed with? What could possibly be on his 'Bucket List'?

Bill Ward released a statement through his website today, that he will sit out the upcoming Black Sabbath shows.

WAAF presents Chickenfoot May 16 Orpheum Theater