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The Van Halen "LoveFest" tour continues...

It was a trip back in the 'way back machine' last night, as Van halen performed in front of a sold out crowd.

You know that you've crossed over into the mainstream, when 60 Minutes wants to talk to you! Judging by the video below, this is going to be some juicy stuff!

So it looks like this Beluga whale is really into Mariachi music...

Our soldiers and their families sacrifice so much for all of us, and it's nice to know that bands like Black Stone Cherry appreciate it! This video is very powerful! Check it out! #SupportTheTroops


I could be happy listening to Chris Cornell sing the phone book. His voice is unmistakable. If you see him live, on his solo tours, he will surprise you with some amazing cover songs...

Have you heard us play the new BUSH single "Baby Come Home" yet? Well, they released the video today. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Check out the latest video from Halestorm!

If you've ever thought that there are no NEW ideas comin gout of the music industry, OK GO!