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His new album "Born Villian" is due out May 1, but you can see the video for "No Reflection" now!

This video made me laugh, and made me miss Manray!

Mike Hsu "Makes Pizza, and Picks Up Change" when he dances, I guess I should "Step Over My Dead Friend and Look Out For The Bee"

This morning, I may as well have won the lottery. The last of My Guys were coming home from Afghanistan! I woke up at 2:15 this morning, to get ready to meet the plane at Logan.


The Van Halen "LoveFest" tour continues...

It was a trip back in the 'way back machine' last night, as Van halen performed in front of a sold out crowd.

You know that you've crossed over into the mainstream, when 60 Minutes wants to talk to you! Judging by the video below, this is going to be some juicy stuff!