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Well, it's Thursday... and that means it's music meeting day!

It's the day that we sit down and look at all of the music that is out there to choose from... and there's a lot!

Red Sox fans!

'Here we go BRUINS'...

Was there ever a doubt?

Gary Cherone

What Was Bono Thinking

Part DEUX!

Previously, I asked...



I got this email today from JayCap300, after I reported that the Sox home opener was postponed...

I really don't know how I get myself into these things...

But, I am in the middle of a serious bet for bragging rights and a pretty big bar tab with one of Boston's Finest Firefighters!

OK, I only have ONE question...


Bernie Madoff pleads GUILTY, and then asks to get out of jail?

So, here it goes. U2, arguably the biggest band in Rock N Roll, decided to turn Somerville on it's ass last night... and they did!

Last year, right around this time, I was asked to host the annual Boston Fire Fighters Auction...

I had a blast!

So, it's time to do it again!

There has been an ongoing debate over whether the press should have access to the covered caskets of those troops who have been killed in action, when they return home.

So, I'm sitting in my office, trying to get some stuff done, before I take off for the night. and I remembered...

The President is going to speak to the nation tonight!