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In 1998 I made my first tandem skydive. I loved every second of it! When it was over, and I was safely back on Earth, I said what most people say after their first jump... "I have to do that again!

The new Stone Sour album is due out next week, but here are a couple more songs for you to check out!

Listen to  "RU486" from the upcoming release "House of Gold & Bones Part 1"


There couldn't be 2 more polar opposites this election year than Kid Rock & Sean Penn. They are on opposite sides of the voting booth, and like most of America, they are split right down the middle.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame released the names of the artists nominated for induction as part of the Class of 2013.

Well, I thought that I had seen it all... Until I saw this! The Air Sex World Championships! It's like Air Guitar, but just not as nerdy, and a lot more slutty!

My friend Laurie from Warner Brothers just came in to play me the new Deftones song, "Tempest".

The guys from Aerosmith have been hard at work on their new album, Music From Another Dimension for what seems like forever. It's their 15th studio album, and the first featuring original material since 2001.

It seems like we can go weeks without a decent release from a band we like. Well, that is not the case today!

To commemorate the anniversary of the tragic passing of bassist Cliff Burton, Metallica released a live recording from


Three Days Grace are set to release their new album "Transit of Venus" on Tuesday 10/2. Listen to it, before it goes on sale!

It's a busy day for the Soundgarden guys. Today, we get a taste of what the first new album in 15 years is going to sound like with the release of "Been Away Too Long".

When I was a little girl, I was normal! I wore dresses, and had stuffed animals. I wore Mickey Mouse ears, and was... cute, or so I've been told.

He's been called the BullGod, The Top Dog, the Pot God, the American Badass, Bob Richie, and as he is most commonly known... Kid Rock.

Are you having one of those bad days, that can only be made better by a video of a bulldog on a trampoline? Yeah, I've been there! Here you go!