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Check out the new video from Halestorm, for the song "It's not you"!

What do President Obama, Andre the Giant and Stone Temple Pilots have in common?

The answer Shepard Fairey!

With everything that Dave Grohl has seen and done in his career, it looks like THIS could be his biggest and toughest addiction! He just wants a FRESH POT!

I share his addiction! You?


Have you ever wondered what influence American culture is going to have on the people of Iraq? As we get ready to leave the security of Iraq to it's people, what 'American' traditions will be left behind?

Here's the press release from the band:

There's 44 in all, here's #3!

Like I told you back in November, the new Slash album is going to be awesome! He's got some HUGE names making appearances!

Here is an update that I got from Soundgarden! This live track is AWESOME!!!! Keep listening to WAAF for more details about this amazing reunion!

DEFTONES'Diamond Eyes'

I saw this online and thought it was so interesting... It's a high school note from Slash (Saul) to his ex-girlfriend... Michelle! They broke up because he talked about hig guitar too much! HA!!!!!

You've heard all of the rumors and statements...

Now, hear the truth!

It's hard not to talk about Kurt Cobain!

He would have been 43 on 2/20/2010

Here's the video for the new Jimi Hendrix song "Valleys of Neptune"!

Get all of the album info here!