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If you missed NIN at the Garden, I'm sorry. They are back, and completely different, but in a good way! This is not your Grandfathers Nine Inch Nails...
Check out the new video for "Come A Little Closer" from Cage The Elephant, Matt Schultz designed all of the animation himself!
Once again, it's Veterans Day, the day that we say Thank You to all of those that have served our great country.
Buckcherry hit the stage at the Tsongas Center on Friday night, and they were awesome!

Here's the new Sabbath video for "Loner"

And the new Korn video for Love & Meth

It's that time of year again. Time to argue over whether the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame means anything. It's time to celebrate the nominees, bicker about who is and who isn't on the list, and to vote.

Yeah, October kicks ass. I love it because it's the 1 month out of the year, that everyone else looks like me! Creepy, spooky, and evil! m/m/

Terrique Chambers used to be just another member of the Boston Police Department Gang Unit, and now he's a TV star, and a Boston Police Officer.

Cage The Elephant are getting ready to release their new album Melophobia next Tuesday 10/8.

Robert Trujillo is a busy guy these days. Actually, all of the Metallica guys are!

I've had more than one person ask me over the years...

"Why do girls love firefighters so much?"

Well, here is just one reason why.

Pearl Jam released this video today on their YouTube channel today.

Check out the new Pearl Jam video for Sirens, from Lighting Bolt, the new album in stores on October 15th!

I've been a friend of Corey Taylors for many years, and a fan of his music for even longer. Whether it's Slipknot, Stone Sour, or his collaborations with everyone from Apocalyptica to Dave Grohl, I'm a fan.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail has been given a modern twist.  This is what the trailer would look like if the movie came out in theaters today. EPIC!!!