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It's time to shake off the gloves, grab the jersey, and have a good ol' fashioned brawl over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees list!

I got this press release today, and it made me happy!

I can't wait to see this concert!

Ozzy heas released the video for his new song Life Won't Wait, and he let his son Jack direct it.

I talked to Ozzy about working with Jack.


Well, we got the new song Black Rain today! New Soundgarden... Actually it's new/old Soundgarden! A left over track from the Badmotorfinger sessions!


According to FMQB:

As I told you last week, Linkin Park are releasing a new album on September 14, called A Thousand Suns. It was co-produced by Rick Rubin and LP's Mike Shinoda. The first single is called The Catalyst!