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What do our guys need in Afghanistan?

Since I have been home from 'The Stan' as they call it... I've had a bunch of people ask me what our guys need over there? Well, my answer is... It depends on where they are! Some of the guys that I met stay on base, and have almost everything that they need, but could use some creature comforts from home. Some guys, go out on missions and are asking for things for the kids that they meet along the way. While other guys, are WAY out, and have limited access to anything. They are the one's we hear from the least, because they have limited access to the Internet etc. So, the point of this blog, is to make one long list of things, so that people looking to help, companies looking to donate, and soldiers who would like to make requests, can all be in one place! Please do not share personal info like APO addresses etc here. We need to protect the identities of our troops, and your personal info back home! If you have specific questions on who to send things to, if you don't have a soldier in your life, email me directly carrie@waaf.com This is what I have so far!

1. Dunkin Donuts coffee! Everyone asks for it, especially the seasonal stuff that they miss.

2. Cleaning supplies like Clorox wipes, disinfectant sprays, Swiffers etc. Everything is DIRTY over there, and being able to keep things kinds clean is a HUGE plus.

3. video games and DVD's because they just can't get enough of them!

4. small toys, candy, and simple school supplies for the kids that they meet. This goes a long way with the elders in the communities where our guys are working. The more the locals trust our soldiers, the more valuable intel on the Taliban they are willing to share!

5. simple athletic equipmant wiffle ball stuff, soccer balls, basketballs, street hockey gear, playing cards and poker chips... any distraction during your off time, is a good one.

6. Canned air to clean electronics, night vision, and guns!

OK, that should get you started! Comment on this blog to contribute to the list, and thank you to everyone who asked me to do this, and of course... Thank you to our troops! We're all thinking about you!