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Tough Ruck 2014 Final Details, the home stretch!

The 2014 Boston Marathon Tough Ruck at Historic Battle Road, Concord is just days away!

Team WAAF/1-182 Infantry has been training hard, and we are close to reaching our fundraising goal.

Here are some answers to your FAQ's:

Who is rucking?

Approximately 1000 soldiers (and Mistress Carrie from WAAF), from over 30 states, making up over 20 teams, have registered for the Tough Ruck.

Team WAAF/1-182 Infantry is 24 soldiers and Carrie. This is the same group she was embedded with in 2011 during AAF To Afghanistan

What is a Ruck?

A ruck or Rucksack, is the military issued "backpack" that soldiers wear, it holds supplies, weapons, and everything else that a soldier would need while deployed. These Rucks can weigh over 100 pounds, however weights differ depending on missions etc. The Tough Ruckers will be carrying rucks that weigh a minimum of 40 pounds.

Why Ruck?

Each Tough Rucker, is carrying the Ruck of a military member or members that is no longer here to carry it themselves. Ruckers dedicate their ruck, and wear a yellow ribbon with the name of the person that they are rucking in honor of.

Why can't the ruckers be part of the Boston Marathon?

Click here for a more detailed answer regarding the tightened security surrounding the Boston Marathon this year.

Where is the ruck being held and when, if it's not during the Boston Marathon?

The Tough Ruck begins at 7am (0700) on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at the Old North Bridge in Concord Mass. and takes place along the historic Battle Road Trail! Click here for more info. The Tough Ruckers will be presented with Boston Marathon Finishers Medallions and BAA Finishers certificates upon completion of the Tough Ruck!

Is the Tough Ruck open to the public?

YES!!!! Please come, and bring your family! Come out and support the ruckers, and enjoy all of the other family friendly activities that are planned, and take in all of the American history this site has to offer. Click here for a map! (The ruck route is a loop, so the ruckers will be circling by throughout the day!)

How can I volunteer to help on the day of the Tough Ruck?

Volunteers to hand out water/fruit/snacks to Tough Ruckers,Volunteers to help set up and clean up after we are done, Product donations (Water, fruit, energy bars and so on),Support on the course – Tell everyone you know to come out in support.

If you have someone interested in helping have them email Laurie at:

Why was Battle Road Trail chosen for the Tough Ruck?

Battle Road Trail is where the historic start of the American Revolution took place, on April 19, 1775. The militia gave birth to the Massachusetts National Guard, and many of the ruckers can trace their military lineage back to those militia forces.Click here for more!

I can't attend the Tough Ruck, but I would like to make a donation and support the ruckers, how do I do that?

Click here to make a donation to Team WAAF/1-182 Infantry and the Tough Ruck 2014

Our fundraising efforts are to benefit the Military Friends Foundation.