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New Godsmack album art and track listing released

Godsmack changed the name of their new album from Saints and Sinners to The Oracle. Here's the artwork and track listing for the May 4 release.

I thought Whiskey Hangover was going to be included on this album... Looks like it isn't. I'm trying to find out why!

What do you think of the new Godsmack song?

Are you excited for the new CD?


After a four year wait for another studio album, Godsmack fans' desire for a new album will finally be satisfied, when 'The Oracle' releases. They've released the first single from the new album ('Cryin' Like a B----!!'), for sale on iTunes in the beginning of March. They will also be headlining Rockfest 2010 in Kansas City and Rock on the Range in May.

Until May 4, the release date for 'The Oracle' rolls around, Noisecreep is tiding you over as we present the album artwork and track list for the Boston-based band's fifth effort.
'The Oracle' track list
'Cryin Like a B----!!'
'Saints and Sinners'
'War and Peace'
'Love Hate Sex Pain'
'What If?'
'Devil's Swing'
'Good Day to Die'
'Forever Shamed'
'Shadow of a Soul'
'The Oracle'.