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My day of training with the Boston Police Dept. K-9 Unit


Check out the video from my day with the BPD K-9 Unit! Here is the Short Version...

If you want to watch the full documatary, click this one...

I've taken a lot of crap from cops over the years, because I'm always doing things with firefighters. So, when SGT. O'Brien from the Boston Police Dept. K-9 Unit asked if I would come out and train with the dogs for the day, I jumped at the chance!

I got there in the morning, and there were several officers with the K-9 partners training everywhere. It's a huge facility, with all types of obstacle courses, walls, fences, and tons of open space for tracking and training. 

SGT. O'Brien, and Officers Caisey and Quinn were there to take me through the steps. We watched Bronson (Officer Caisey's partner) search successfully for a hidden firearm in a field, and Officer Quinn showed us how accurately his partner could find a gun hidden in a vehicle.

We did tracking drills, and they had me hide in the woods, and Bronson found me! I hid with his favorite toy, but to earn it he had to track me for a 1/2 mile into the woods. He found me without an issue!

We saw how agile the dogs are at climbing walls, jumping through windows, and going over every obstacle on the course. The bond that these officers have with each other is something special. These aren't just dogs, they are partners. Their training is constant, and completely based on positive reinforcement. They will do anything they are asked, just to earn a little play time with their favorite toy or treat!

Then, it was time for the tough stuff... Bite training.


I put on the suit, and was taught what scenarios would require that kind of force from the K-9's. They mostly search for objects and people, but when they need to, they will be aggressive, especially to protect their partner.


Bronson acted like I was his personal chew toy! YES, we got it all on video for your amusement, and the amusement of all of the officers who stuck around to watch it happen live! And when it was over, I was fine, and Bronson and I were friends again!


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