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My daily observation... May 28, 2013

So I saw this.....

And all that I could think of was...
America, you are doing it wrong!

How can there be people in this country that DO NOT know what Memorial Day is for?
It's disgusting...

Sometimes, people tell me that I post about military and soldier stuff too much on Facebook, Twitter, and in my blog...
Obviously not! Obviously, there needs to be more people "informing" Americans what the hell is REALLY important.

These people should be ashamed of themselves for not knowing, and then answering the questions ON TAPE for the world to see!
Ignorance is not cool, or funny. Not knowing that a National holiday is in place to honor fallen troops who died in service to their country, is just downright  WRONG!!!!!

And just when you start losing faith in society...
I give you Bostonians!

Thank you Boston, for showing me that good people are still out there!

Don't agree with me?
I'll try again tomorrow!