Little Wing - The Jimi Hendrix Experience 5:35 AM


Mistress Carrie, Mike Hsu, Gary Hoey, and Chef Jason Santos... Oh My!



You know it's a party when Mike Hsu and I join forces with guitar legend Gary Hoey, and Chef Jason Santos! There's no better way to kick off the holiday weekend! We had great guitar shredding from Gary, who covered Pink Floyd

 and played great drinking music, as Chef Santos gave us BBQ tips, and made amazing summer drinks in the studio.

The drink, needs a name. That's where you come in!

Name Choices: Honey Pot, Who Cares, or the Smoke Show

Here is the list of ingredients, and the name finalists. You decide the name.

To make 1 drink: (and who can just have 1 of these?)

4 Basil Leaves

2 slices of Lemon

(muddle lemon and basil together)


2oz. Stoli Sticki honey flavored vodka

2oz. Lemonade or Sour Mix

1oz. Soda Water

Shake and Pour over ice, into a glass rimmed in your favorite BBQ spice.