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'Miracle On The Hudson' Flight crew on David Letterman

I watched David Letterman last night, because he's funny as hell...

But, also, because he had the flight crew from Flight 1549 who landed in the Hudson River.

As a skydiver, and someone who has done some serious traveling on my own and with the military...

I've been on a lot of planes!

What this crew did is amazing. It's basically impossible to land in the water, and they pulled it off. They all have so much experience, and they are all really funny. You'd think it would be hard to laugh at this situation, but they are finding a way to do it.

They've done a ton of press recently, but Dave asked the questions that all of us would want to know the answers to... Like "Could you do it again"?

Check out the video...

We should all hope the crew on our next flight is as competant as they are!

You should probably read the safety card in the seatback, the next time you fly, just in case...

I bet you're not laughing that your seat can be used as a floatation device anymore, are you?

Watch the video here