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Listen to my interview with Former Navy SEAL and star of Ultimate Survival Alaska, Jared Ogden!

A HUGE thank you to Jared Ogden for calling in to the show today!

Jared is a former Navy SEAL, and current star on Nat. Geo's hit show "Ultimate Survival: Alaska", and an overall great guy!

We talked about EVERYTHING! Military Movies like Lone Survivor and Zero Dark Thirty, what music to listen to before a SEAL mission, Football, Alaska and it's giant bugs, skydiving, BUDS training, the people of Afghanistan, and how Veterans are still proudly serving after their military careers... just to name a few things!

Listen to the interview here!

Here is more info on his charity... http://phoenixpatriotfoundation.org/

Find Jared on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/OgdenJared/info (and like him so he can win the bet with his co-star and win that beer!)

and on Twitter here https://twitter.com/JaredWOgden

His bio and more pictures and info are posted here!