To drink or not to drink from the Stanley Cup? That is the question!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE Boston sports fan. I grew up routing for the hometown team, in every sport, and like many others, had my heart broken time after time.

Recently, Boston has enjoyed a serious upswing, and we've had more victory parades and duck boats than we know what to do with.

Here is my question...

(Stanley Selfie)

What is one of your best friends worked for an NHL team, that wasn't the Bruins?

What if that friend helped to bring the Stanley Cup to LA twice in 3 years?

What if that friend was going to have The Cup at his house, and invited you to come over and see it?

What if that friend poured really expensive champagne into The Cup and told you that you could drink out of it?

Would you drink?

It was explained to me, by the official "Cup Guy" that PLAYERS who have not "won" The Cup, shouldn't touch it.

Fans may hug, kiss, and drink from it, especially if they are with a person whose name is on it. They may not, without the help of said Cup winner, hoist the Cup.

And if your name is on it, GAME ON! We've heard the crazy stories about the Greatest trophy in all of sports!

So, would you drink?

I chose to honor my friend Mark, and drink the HELL out of it. Does this  make me a traitor to Boston, the Bruins, or anyone else?

I say NO!

Thank you Mark, and the rest of the Kings organization, for an amazing night!