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AAF to Afghanistan "The things we learned on our journey to KAIA"

So, I finally had some time to sit down in front of a computer and try to explain what the last 48 hours have been like! In one word... CRAZY!

Mike (my producer and I) got to Logan airport at 6am on Saturday 9/3. We were allowed to park in the 'super secret' parking lot close to the gate. Our friends Tim and Barbara served as chaueffers, so we didn't have to take out a loan to keep our cars there for 2 weeks. We were met curbside by a "friend with a really awesome badge" who helped us navigate the check in process, and airport security. Our trip was a complicated one... Boston to London, London to Bahrain, Bahrain to Kabul. Total travel time 27 hours!  We got upgraded to 1st class for the first leg of the journey, but after that... Let's just say Mike and I were close, very close in coach!

In London, we had barely enough time to get across the airport to make our connection. Those shuttle bus drivers are nuts. In Bahrain, Mike and I found an Irish Pub to toast the guys before we got into Afghanistan. Once we landed, we went through immigration in just a few minutes, and headed to baggage claim. It turns out that my bags were flagged by security in London because of the body armor, and they never made the Bahrain flight. I got the #'s for the airline, and headed through immigration. As soon as we left the airport doors, we were loaded into MATV's and driven through downtown Kabul, to Camp Phoenix.

Here are some of the lessons that we learned along the way.

Getting through security at Logan is a hell of a lot easier, when you are accompanied by a guy with a REALLY cool badge!

When checking bags, if you have military orders, present them in the beginning of the process. It will save you time and lots of money. (especially when checking body armor)

Savor every Dunkin Iced coffee, you never know how long you will be without one.

Flying First Class is awesome, PERIOD!

Jack N Coke at 9am is OK, when your final destination is Afghanistan.

Fruit cups RULE!

London drivers are FAR WORSE than Boston drivers.

In flight entertainment on Gulf Air includes Cheers, Happy Days, NCIS LA, and Barney... in Arabic.

Watching the sunrise over Baghdad from the window of a plane, is pretty damn cool.

People in Bahrain appreciate Linkin Park. It was playing in the airport upon arrival.

Fanny packs are all the rage in Bahrain.

Bostonians will find an Irish Pub anywhere one can be found. Even in Bahrain.

Malibu & Pineapple is good for breakfast.

There is NO ONE with purple hair in Afghanstan. Correction, there WAS no one with purple hair in Afghansistan!

The reason why we beat the Brits during the revolution... Their bags didn't make their connecting flight!

More to come...