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89 years of bikes, Laconia Bike Week is here again!

It's that time of year again... When the roads are filled with bikers, headed north, with bags bungeed to their bikes. The roar of motorcycles breaking up the serene Lakes region of New Hampshire. Paint jobs, chrome, loud pipes, burnouts, wheelies, leather, and of course... GIRLS!

For 89 years, Laconia has hosted a week of heaven for bikers!

Are you headed up this week? For a nice change of pace, the weather is looking GREAT this year!

I'll be up this weekend for sure! If you want to hang out, you can find me here!

Saturday June 16 4p-6p
Benders Three Ring Saloon with Miller Lite
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Saturday June 16 7p-9p
Broken Spoke Saloon with Miller Lite
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See you on the road!