Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi 2:59 AM


182... This drink is for you!

Having to leave our guys in Afghanistan was tough form Mike and I. We got to see some old friends, and make some new ones! It's amazing how close you can become to people in just 2 weeks. Maybe it has something to do with the close quarters, or the long hours, or maybe it's the life and death circumstance that you are experiencing together. We walked around the QRF shack, and asked all of  the guys one simple question...

If you could have 1 drink right now... what would it be?

We got some interesting answers...

Jameson & Ginger for Noftle

Tangeray & Tonic for Tanguay

A 'Stunt Man' for McConvey (he's such a pain in the ass!) Just in case you didn't know what a Stunt Man is... It's a shot of tequila, but you snort the salt, and squeeze the lemon into your eye. Like I said... He's a pain in the ass!

Or the Brooklyn Hooker... Pickle juice and JD.

There were simple requests like the Rum & Coke for Torch, and the Jager bombs for Foucher, Dustin and Murphy!

My Spades partner Scot asked for a Capt. and Coke and so did Bourne.

There was the Johnny Walker for Ward, and the Guinness for 'Tall Murph', and the Irish Car Bomb for Farrell. I think he just wanted us to order that in London, so we would get arrested!

Bill just wanted a shot of Makers Mark, and Mussig just said "Something strong"

Vath asked for a Soco and Cran (which I thought would be gross, and was actually great!)

Valentin wanted a shot of Patron!

As you can see, the guys just wanted us to be a couple of drunk f*cks at the airport!


Guys... These drinks are for you!

May you all make it home safely, so we can enjoy a round of drinks together! We miss you!