The Worcester 6... 10 Years Later

December 2, 2009

worc 6

If you're over the age of 25, you remember where you were on December 3, 1999. That's the night that we all learned about the Worcester Cold Storage Building Fire. I was in the old studio on Huntington Ave, when Rocko called me on the 'hotline'. He was at the diner near the fire... He overheard on the Fire Dept. radios saying that 2 firefighters were missing inside.

worc 6 flames

I grew up the daughter of a 'Jake', I knew what it felt like to hear the scanners and know that something was wrong. As a kid, you get used to your Dad coming home smelling like smoke, and just wanting to go to bed. It's a tough job, on the firefighters and their families...

Thankfully, we don't lose firefighters often. December 3, 1999 we lost 6 of them, Â 4Â died searching for the first 2 that were lost inside of that 'death trap' of a building.

worc 6 memorial

They searched for days for the remains, over 50,000 firefighters from around the world came to Worcester for the memorial service... I was there too. I'll never forget how quiet it was standing next to the rubble.

Denis Leary started an amazing charity, Â in the wake of the fire, after losing his cousin and a close friend.

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They have raised millions of dollars to supply fire departments in Worcester, Boston, Â NYC, Â & New Orleans with equipment and training that they should have ALREADY... But they don't!


Every once in a while a firefighter makes the news because they did something stupid... and it makes them all look bad! But, they are a small number, compaired to the huge number of brave and dedicated firefighters that do their jobs well, and don't make the news!

In this economic climate, 'they' are always looking to cut costs...

Let's not forget who ran into that building on December 3, 1999 after 2  lost co-workers... Would the people you work with do that for you?

And, let's not forget who was running INTO the towers on September 11, 2001 when everyone else was running out!

Or, who was rescuing people from rooftops while others were looting in NOLA during Katrina.

And who will be at your front door when you need them, when  you call 911!

Remember the Worcester 6, they are true heros!

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