Who the hell is in charge?

February 24, 2009

So, I'm sitting in my office, trying to get some stuff done, before I take off for the night. and I remembered...

The President is going to speak to the nation tonight!

I put the TV on, and I became very afraid...

They introduced the Supreme Court. I tried to count the robes... I hope it wasn't nine!

Then, they introduced the Presidents cabinet.

On the stage is VP Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi.

They are surrounded by BOTH houses of Congress...

And, in walks President Obama.

Who the hell is left?

What if something goes wrong? All THREE branches of our government are in the same room...

Who isn't in this room right now?

Ted Kennedy? Is the guy with the terminal brain tumor, the only guy left?

Isn't this how John Goodman became the King of England in that stupid movie?

Every time our elected leaders get ballsy, and all get in the same room, I GET SCARED!

I know they have a plan... you know... just in case, but WHO IS IT?

Who is in the bunker right now, with the codes, keys, passwords, and the BIG RED BUTTON?

Please tell me it isn't Sarah Palin! Where is John Goodman?