Was there any doubt?

April 13, 2009

navy-seal-logoWas there ever a doubt? Well, to be honest...

When I first heard about the Maersk Alabama being attacked by Somali pirates... I thought that the ship had been taken over! But, with their balls OUT, the crew of the Alabama kept control of their ship, and the brave Captain was taken hostage. This is where I thought the story would end badly! I didn't expect the pirates to kill Capt. Phillips right away, but I figured one of two things was going to happen...

One, that the company would meet the ransom demands, thus furthering the success of these idiots! They wouldn't be the first company to do it, and not the last either!


I thought, since the U.S. doesn't negotiate with terrorists (pirates included)  that they would kill the Capt. after a long, drawn out standoff and try to make us look weak on the world stage! After all... they claim they didn't even know it was a U.S. ship in the first place... They must have thought the 'Stars and Stripes' were something else... :)

With the world watching the drama unfold on CNN, and hours turning into days... I started to get PISSED! "Where are the SEALS" I kept saying...


Well, the answer...? Â The SEALS were waiting for an OK to 'get it done'

They parachuted onto the USS Bainbridge, and were just waiting for the 'GO'

Many people didn't think that President Obama would OK any act of aggression, I'll let you argue amoungst yourselves as to why...

Well, with the world watching, and the Presidents 'Go ahead' the SEALS showed everyone why they are 'Badass Motherf*ckers'! They made a 75' shot, in the dark, off the deck of a US warship, and into the window of a rocking life boat! 3 shots, 3 kills! BADASS!

You almost have to feel sorry for the forth pirate that was taken into custody! Nothing like being arrested by the US Navy with your pants full of poo! HA! The crew of the Alabama credits Capt. Phillips, Capt Phillips credits the military, and the military says... "We were just doing our jobs"

capt-phillipsHow about this... You guys are ALL amazing! You made the U.S look good in the eyes of the world... You showed bravery, self control, patriotism and class, and you should all be proud of yourselves, because WE are all proud of you! Â