Veterans Day

November 11, 2013
Once again, it's Veterans Day, the day that we say Thank You to all of those that have served our great country. It's a day that we thank a very small number of our fellow citizens for taking care of the rest of us.

It still amazes me, that there are people out there with no Veterans in their family, or people that don't know anyone in the military at all! We've been at war for over 12 years, and there are people in the U.S. that are not affected by that on a daily basis...

I am lucky to have a family full of Veterans, and a list of Veteran friends that I cannot even count.
To all of them, and to every other Veteran, I say Thank You... Not just today, but every day!

And let's not forget that every day, 22 Veterans die by suicide. We have lost more service members post 9/11 to suicide than we have in combat. These numbers are climbing every day...

So, if you don't know a Veteran, go out of your way to meet one, and fight for their rights, services, benefits, and treatment like you would fight if they were your own family! Imagine what would happen if everyone in the U.S. "adopted a vet"?

They had your back, it's time you had theirs!