Treat my boobies like your balls, don't squish 'em!

January 8, 2014

I had my first mammogram today. I didn't have it because of a family history, or because I found a lump. I had it, because when you have boobies, especially near perfect one's like mine, you should get them checked! 

Here's my observation...

If guys balls were checked like women's breasts, mammograms would be made to be a lot more pleasant!

Would you drop your nuts into a vice and have pictures taken of them, while they are squished like precious pancakes? If you're excited to say YES, you sound like a fun guy to party with! ;)

In the day and age of iPhones, space walks, drones, and Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos, there must be a better way to take pictures of my boobs!

It's really not THAT bad, and considering what good can come out of early detection of a problem, it's worth it... BUT...

I hope the med students at Harvard are thinking about boobs right now!

Don't forget to thoroughly check the boobs in your life, and if you don't want to check your own, get a friend to help!