Today was a good day...

May 2, 2011

Friday, while billions of people around the world were transfixed on the Royal Wedding, President Obama was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama visiting the families who lost everything in the tornado's... What we all didn't know was that he had just ordered a super secret mission to kill Osama bin Laden. It's a good thing that he didn't get invited to the wedding after all huh?

And Saturday night, while at the White House 'Correspondence Dinner', The President was laughing and joking with a room full of press, and behind the smile, he knew the SEALS were hours away from capturing and/or killing the #1 man on the FBI's most wanted list. Public Enemy #1! A man with a 25 million dollar bounty on his head, that no one has been able to find!

And on Sunday night while we were all going about our lives, The President was in the 'Sit Room' watching the Seals invade a $1 million dollar compound in Pakistan.

When it was over, The President broke into every network to tell us the amazing news!

And we weren't the only people watching the President on TV. Our own troops in Afghanistan were hearing the news at the same time!

And just like that... he's gone.

Sometimes you don't realize that you are living through a moment that will go down in history, and other times... You are very aware! Time slows down. You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when it happened.

I was shopping with my mother when the news broke about John Lennon.

I was in class when the Space Shuttle exploded.

I was in the WAAF studio, when the towers fell.Â

And I was on my couch, with my dogs when I heard the news about Osama bin Laden.

I couldn't run to wake my husband up fast enough. He's an Army veteran, who fought in the War On Terror in Iraq for almost 2 years. I couldn't believe that I could actually say the words "They Got Him!"

The world changed again this weekend. The country was united in celebration and people are once again waving flags and chanting USA! USA! USA! Just like they were after 9/11.

I just wish that this 'euphoric' state would last. I wish that people were this vocal with their patriotism every day.

If there is anything positive that we can take from the last 9 1/2 years, It's this...

On 9/12/01 and today... Americans came together, united in their love of this country.

Today was a good day!

To our troops... You have made me proud once again! Job well done.