Theory of a Deadman, Halestorm, and Adelitas Way concert review

February 1, 2010

Well it seems like everyone had a great time yesterday with Theory of a Deadman, Halestorm and Adelitas Way! I had to sleep in... It was a late night last night... More on that later!

It all started at Jillians for a pre-concert party! The bands were all very excited to play ping pong, pool foos ball, and especially to BOWL! It's like they never bowled before! They couldn't wait to put on the ugly shoes! All of the bands arrived to the private room filled with food, booze and lucky WAAF winners! It was a perfect storm, and it was only 4pm... I knew it was going to be a late night... More on that later! :)

Adelitas Way was bowling for bragging rights, but I was able to pull them away long enough to talk to them about being some of the 'newbies' on the tour! Lead singer Rick Dejesus (who has the biggest feet I have ever seen) was talking about how thin his blood is, since he moved from Philly to VEGAS! He cannot handle the cold! He did the entire show in his P-coat!

Adelitas Way

Halestorm walked in and all of the guys were immediatley all over LZZY! This chick is NUTS!!! She started doing shots as soon as she got there! They were all joking around and cracking jokes... at my expense mostly :) They were really funny talking about the male 'groupie' experience and how LZZY get's more attention from the girls than they do! They are all very jealous! You would be too!


Theory of a Deadman is a strange band... They have been on the road for 2 years on this album, and they are all still getting along like brothers! That's a LONG time to be in a bus with a bunch of other dudes! These guys were all over the bowling! Lead singer Tyler was an illegal bowler... He wanted to wear his Chuck's... I told him I was going to tell on him! He said "to who? The BOWLING POLICE???"

Theory of a Deadman

All of the interviews will be posted online as soon as we get them together... I told you that the party got out of control!

Once we moved to the HOB, the show got started! Adelitas Way did a great job of warming up the crowd! When Halestorm came out to LZZY SCREAMING the place went nuts! If you haven't seen them yet... You'll love the drum solo!!! They were really tight, energetic and those shots that LZZY did earlier at Jillians didn't hurt her amazing voice one bit!

Theory of a Deadman wes awesome! The did a cover of Got Me Wrong from AIC unplugged! During Bad Girlfriend we saw 2 people having sex in the front row! Thank you to Boston Bruin Shawn Thornton for the new term... "Front Row F*cking"! Yup, you heard me right, a bunch of the B's showed up to cheer on the Theory guys... Those Canadians need to stick together!

The best part of the entire night happened after the show. The B's and the Theory guys ended up on the tour bus, Milan Lucic took control of the iPod and a debate began over what Pearl Jam song was the best! I think if puch came to shove... The B's would have won that fight!


From the Bruins... Milan Lucic, Johnny Boychuk,  Shawn Thornton, and Tuukka Rask