Slash's new album

November 10, 2009

One of the benefits of being the Music Director of WAAF, is hearing new music WAY before anyone else! :) Today I got a chance to hear some of the new Slash album that will be released in March of 2010. We should have the new single (which is going to feature Ozzy on lead vocals) in January!

This song was AWESOME!

And, the lyrics are going to piss off Axl & Black Sabbath!

I heard Chris Cornell, Kid Rock, M. Shadows, and even Fergie lending their voices to Slash. They were all great! Also featured on the lineup... Lemme, Iggy, Alice Cooper, Flea, Duff, Â Myles Kennedy and you guessed Dave Grohl!

According to my 'source', Slash wrote the 'blueprint' for the songs with someone specific in mind. Then, he asked that person to get involved and help write and record the track! Every song has a bit of Slash and the other musicians in it... Very COOL!

This album is going to be HUGE!

There is a song online already, that was released by the Japanese band the B'z as their b-side.

It's Slash with Cypress Hill and Fergie doing Paradise City...

Wanna hear?