Recovering from the Holiday...

December 1, 2008

Back at the studio after 4 days at home, visiting family.

It's always weird to go back to Leominster, and sleep in my childhood bedroom.

So many memories...

Gone are the Bon Jovi posters that covered my purple walls, and the faint smell of Aqua Net hairspray that was my way of life in the 80's.

Now the place is covered in flowers and sham pillows that my Mom likes on the bed. There's a piano in there, and pictures of my grandparents... looking at me from the grave... kinda creepy

I forgot where all of the furniture is in the dark and where the light switches are.

I had to struggle to find the right key to get into the front door.

But, after a night of drinking at a class reunion, I remembered how to sneak into the house drunk, and how to quietly have sex without waking up my Mom...

The holidays bring back such nice memories from our past, don't they?

Oh c'mon, I'm not the only one that did that this weekend!

You did it too!

At least now my Mom can't say anything about it, I'm married to him!

I would have been SO GROUNDED!

I can't wait for Christmas!

Here's my picture from High School, when Aqua Net ruled the world!

Enjoy the laugh at my expense!