Our troops helping others, and they need your help!

December 2, 2008

Everyone knows that I am a HUGE supporter of our troops!

Here are just a couple more reasons why!

If you can lend a hand to either cause, that would be great!

Toys For Tots

Is in desperate need this holiday season! They are running so low on donations this year that they are worried thay'll have to say 'no' to some kids...

Please donate anything you can to help the Marines and our State Troopers who are trying to make Christmas special for some kids in need this holiday season!

Click here to find a drop off point and to get more information

Toys For Tots

I got this press release today and thought you'd be interested!

Operation Soccer Ball

Support our troops and help to make a difference.

Bring a soccer ball and receive free admission to the Higgins Armory Museum.

In cooperation with the XVIII Airborne Corps, we are collecting soccer balls to be distributed by U.S. troops to Iraqi children.

As our service members reach out in Iraqi neighborhoods, they are finding a common language through soccer to build strong relationships.

âIn just a few moments, kicking around the ball, the kids forgot their problems and we were able to speak the same language...soccer. I could only think of one word. Hope.â

Major Ravi Chaudhary, USAF

Donate a soccer ball todayâweâll get them to Iraq and a service member will hand them directly to a child.

Higgins Armory Museum · 100 Barber Avenue · Worcester, MA · 01606 ·