New Radiohead album 'King of Limbs' to be released on 2/19/2011

February 15, 2011

According to the NY daily News:

"UK rock band Radiohead announced Mondayà that its newest album, "The King of Limbs," will be released as a digital download on Saturday, Feb 19.

The band's website featured a message to fans which readd "Thank You For Waiting" and offered a link where the new album is available for pre-order.

The digital version, in MP3 or WAV formats, costs $9Ã and $14, respectively, and can be "pre-ordered now and downloaded on Saturday" according to the site.

Fans of Radiohead's 2007 digital release "In Rainbows," a full-length album that was available for download at whatever price the user decided to pay, may be dissapointed to learn of the new fixed-price system.

However, moving away from the digital-only arena, the band is also offering what they have dubbed "the world's first Newspaper Album," which includes the record on one CD as well as two 10" vinyl records.

Also packaged with the Newspaper Album is "Many large sheets of artwork" and "625 tiny pieces of artwork" according to the website.

Those willing to shell out the $48 for The Newspaper version will also be able to download the digital album in .mp3 format before physical records ship on Monday May 9.Ã For $53 you can buy the Newspaper Album with "full CD quality uncompressed" WAV file downloads."

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Click here to pre-order King of Limbs