My training day with UFC fighter John "Doomsday" Howard

March 7, 2014

I met Doomsday in the office here at WAAF. He was really cool and funny. We were cracking jokes in the hall, and he jokingly invited me to Wai Kru, his Muay Thai gym where he trains for his UFC fights. I took his invite seriously, and thought why not? Best case, I learn some great moves, become stronger, and learn how to kick some ass. Worst case, I get my ass kicked, look like an idiot, and become the punch line of every joke at Wai Kru for the rest of the year. I think I managed both!

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Thanks to Doomsday, the staff at Wai Kru, and our crack pot video team for the video below! 

For your laughing pleasure, I present my day with Doomsday!