My night with the Stanley Cup!

July 12, 2012

I know I know.... The Bruins won it LAST YEAR! The LA Kings won it this year.

Let me explain... a very good friend of mine works for the Kings, and he's important enough in the organization that he got to hoist The Cup on the ice the night that they won it, he's getting a ring, his name is going to be etched into it, and....

For all of the haters on Facebook that say I'm a traitor, and not a true Bruins fan, I say this... The only thing that rivals watching your hometown team win The Cup, is watching someone you love and respect win it. Knowing the blood, sweat, sacrifice, long hours, and drive that it took to reach the pinnacle of the sport.
I've met players and coaches. I've grown up idolizing Cam and Ray, Bobby and more recently Big Z and Timmy T, but when you know someone personally, and they finally achieve their lifelong goal... their dream... it's a special thing.

For all of those who say that "If you didn't win it, you shouldn't touch it", I say this... I'm not the first, and I won't be the last person to touch it, that hasn't won it. Vinnie Paul from Pantera, had 4 strippers ride the cup in his Crowne Royal shaped pool, after Dallas won it. It's been dropped, eaten out of, molded, filled with booze, ridden by strippers, sunk to the bottom of a pool, and even pooped in (or so I've heard). Me putting my arm around it, is not at all disrespectful. Active players won't touch it, unless they win it, for fear of jinxing their chances... Well, I can honestly say, that I have NO CHANCE of winning it, so I'm not worried about the jinx.

I even read someone's comment that said "I would never turn my back on the B's and attend a Kings party!" Really? OK, the next time a friend of yours wins The Cup, don't go to the party. I wasn't missing it for anything! I still love the Bruins, but if they're knocked out of the playoffs, bet your ass I'm routing for my friend and the Kings!

I was honored to be invited to this special party, and I couldn't be more proud or happy for my friend. It's an amazing accomplishment to win the most impressive trophy in all of sports.

Here are some of my pictures.

A HUGE hug for Lord Stanley...

A picture for all of "My Guys" that I met in Afghanistan. They were all deployed when the B's won it, so I wanted to take this picture for them!

I HAD to drink out of it. But, everything has been done... So, I thought CRAZY STRAW!!!

Even though it only weighs 32 pounds, it's pretty heavy after a while. A good heavy though! :)

I couldn't stop touching it. Rubbing my thumb over Bobby's name, and Ray's name too. And to finally see Cam's name on it was awesome. I had to take a picture of the 2010-2011 Champion Boston Bruins!

It was a chance of a lifetime... But, now I must come to terms with my jinx, and that I will never with The Cup myself. :(

If you got to spend a night with The Cup, what would you do?