My Daily Observation... May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

So, I tried to watch the Boston Strong concert last night, and I thought...


One word describes my experience...


OK, here are my questions and observations...

1. Why wasn't it on TV?
2. Why wasn't local radio offered the audio to air live?
3. Why was Jimmy Buffetts satellite channel the only place to listen to the show?
4. If the concert organizers wanted to deviate from what has become the "norm" for this type of event, and go exclusively with the internet... GET A STREAMING COMPANY that can handle the traffic!
5. Did they really have the system crash with 500,000 people trying to watch? There are 7 BILLION people on Earth, 320 million in the US, and 500,000 tried to watch something and it CRASHED?
6. where were local heroes Staind, Godsmack Aimee Mann, The Cars and all of the other notable exceptions?
7.As nice as it was that Jason Aldean and Jimmy Buffet were to get involved, why did they both feel the need to promote their concerts coming later this year in Boston? Those shows are for profit right? This event is for charity right?
8. Why weren't local TV crews allowed to film inside until after 11pm?
9. Why was Dane Cook allowed to take part in the show, if he was the only one that didn't want his performance on the stream? Couldn't they have just said, take it or leave it? If he wanted to save his new material, why do that stuff? Why not write event specific stuff like Lenny Clarke? I heard he was funny, but I still haven't seen his act, BUFFERING...
10. Why was no one on stage asking for donations to the charity from all of they people they thought were watching the stream? Did they know that no one could see them?

This event, raised 1.5 million dollars in 6 hours. Pretty amazing. And all of the acts had their hearts in the right place, and volunteered their time to take part in it... But, couldn't more money have been raised if it were on TV, the radio, a capable stream, and if they asked for donations? Wasn't that the point of all of this? Maybe I'm just pissed because I didn't see it. (I gave my tickets to my Mom for Mothers Day, and she had a great time), or maybe I'm pissed because it doesn't seem that some of the organizers had the charity in mind FIRST! Or maybe I'm just a jaded bitch who doesn't trust most peoples charitable motives.

Other observations include,

1. It is weird to see and hear Boston music without Brad Delp onstage
2. Everyone still knows the word to More Than Words, and was willing to sing them loudly with Extreme
3. Peter Wolf is still a ROCK STAR
4. NKOTB should never BEDAZZLE Bruins jerseys! EVER!
5. Carol King and James Taylor are rock royalty!
6. Aerosmith still got it... PERIOD!

And just when you thought the cynic in me has won over the wide eyed optimist...
I give you Jeff and Carlos drinking beer!

Don't agree with me?
I'll try again tomorrow!