My Daily Observation... May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013

So, I saw this...
and thought...

Why are there so many people out there trying to hurt children?
You see it on the news almost daily now!
And, these people never get "caught" and jailed forever the way I think they should be.
They get a few years, in a cell, on a block in a prison surrounded by other offenders just like them! They don't "get what's coming to them" in prison like you think they do. They are all kept together, and there are a LOT of them. And, if something does happen to them, our underpaid and under appreciated State Corrections officers get in trouble and even sued!

So, why are there still so many out on the streets? Who do we place the blame on?
Their parents for making them evil?
Society for not helping?

I don't put much faith that these people can be "cured" to the point that they should be allowed around children again, one offense is enough for me. So what do you do with them all?
Do they even have any redeeming value in society? I'm leaning towards NO...
Castration doesn't stop anything, they can still abuse and kill without it...
Incarceration is expensive and does nothing to stop the pattern of abuse if they get out.
What's left?
Death? Yup, that's where I'm leaning right now.

And once again, when you think that there is nothing good left in this world,
I give you Jeff Bauman, and Carlos Arredondo at Fenway Park!