My Daily Observation... May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013

So, I saw this....
and was disgusted!

Have we not learned a lesson from the thousands of Vietnam Veterans that have been a living example of our previous failings? How can this happen in America? We said that we would never again, turn our backs on our soldiers!?! What is wrong with a society, that cannot take care of those who would die to protect it?!? Is it that easy to forget? Is it because most of America isn't in the military? Only 1/2 of 1% of this country volunteers for service. The rest, sleep soundly under the warm and snuggly blanket. The least we can do is take care of the people providing it.

They aren't asking to be rich, or famous... They are asking to be taken care of, the same way someone on welfare, without health care would be! If Jerrald Jenson were an inmate, laying next to Suspect #2, in Federal Prison he would get better medical care, than what he is getting NOW for being a wounded veteran!

If you don't have anyone in your family that is in the military, if you have no Veterans that are related to you, "ADOPT" Jerrald Jensen, or someone like him, and FIGHT FOR THEM, THE WAY YOU WOULD FOR YOUR OWN BROTHER!

This is what we, as a nation of free people must do... Or, get ready to stand on that line yourself, because when enlistment slows, and how could it NOT with the benefits of our soldiers being cut constantly... We are going to need people, and if no one volunteers??? They will be telling you, instead of asking you!

Demand better from our lawmakers, who you can be rest assured will have fantastic health care, long after they are done passing self serving laws, and helping out their friends in Washington!



Remember why you have Monday off!

If you would like to help remember the fallen heroes from Massachusetts, donate to the Mass. Iraq & Afghanistan Fellen Heroes Memorial Fund!

Click here to donate and for more info on the memorial!


And just when you think you are shouting at the rain, and no one is listening...
I give you the Patriot Guard Riders!

Don't agree with me?
I'll try again tomorrow!