My Daily Observation... May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

So, yesterday THIS happened in London.
And, I didn't know what to think...

So many things went through my mind!

According to some friends in London with ties to the British Army, there was no doubt that the victim was a British soldier, wearing a shirt for a charity that helps injured British soldiers, and close to the gates of a military base. He was hit in the street by a vehicle, on purpose, and the 2 occupants of the vehicle, got out and attacked him. They were armed with knives and a reported handgun. The 2 men stabbed, and reportedly decapitated the British soldier, and then stood around the body, talked to on lookers and even gave a video interview. (Pay close attention to the woman who walks right through the interview, sees the man with knives and bloody hands, and past the corpse in the road, and keeps walking!)

As people were waiting for the police, who were UNARMED, to arrive, A cub scout mom tried to talk the two terrorists into surrendering their weapons. Listen to her story and see pictures here. This lady has brass balls!

When the police arrived, the 2 terrorists threatened them with the gun, and wanted and waited for the "armed police" to arrive. It took almost 30 minutes from the time of the attack for the armed police to respond, and when they did they were charged by the attackers, who were promptly shot by the cops and arrested.

Here are my observations, and mind you, I have to distinct political ties...

I cannot imagine our police not being armed, and obviously strict gun laws don't work when criminals can still get guns, and are out arming law enforcement. This type of radical terrorist WANTS to be seen as a hero, and killed for his beliefs. You cannot reason, threaten, or otherwise intimidate a person like this. They only speak one language, violence, and you better speak it better than they do or you won't survive the argument. I still find it amazing that British troops, who are trusted to fight and shoot for their country overseas, are not trusted with a firearms permit when they return home. Obviously, a gun wouldn't have helped this soldier, as he was targeted with a vehicle first, but if this is a new "trend" of attacking troops once they return home, these poor heroes are sitting ducks there.  

And if you think that this is just an issue overseas??? Take a look at this happening right here in the US of A!

With the debates over firearms and Islamic terrorism making the news daily, I just ask that people remember WHO the criminals REALLY are, and treat them accordingly. It's hard to blame people for wanting to do everything they can to protect themselves, and their families.

If you are going to yell loudly about gun rights, you should be prepared to yell just as loudly when someone who is "legal" does something stupid with a gun. And if you are going to yell for more gun control, be prepared to yell praise at a legal gun owner that stops an act of violence. If you are a peaceful Muslim, be prepared to loudly condemn the actions of fundamentalists, and if you are a Christian, yelling about Islamic terrorists and "all Muslims" you should be yelling just as loud at members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

And just when you think that the world had gone mad... I give you the audio of a witness in Woolwich. She says that women, who just happened to be there and witness the attack, were laying on the body of the soldier to protect it from the terrorists who were trying to photograph it. Amazing.

My thoughts are with my friends from the British Army today.

Don't agree with me?
I'll try again tomorrow!