My Daily Observation... May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

So, I saw this... And thought...

You are NOT that hot!

Really? You are so "beautiful" that you cannot keep a job?
It must be nice to have your parents pay for everything, including your rent, cell phone, credit cards, shopping trips, and hair styling. Especially when you are 33 YEARS OLD!

You have a science degree, and you find it hard to work even in a lab, wearing scrubs with no makeup because of your "natural attractiveness"?????


Here are some suggestions...

Work online from home so that no one has to be subjected to your ugly... Oh, I mean beautiful self!
Or, work with the blind. They would have no idea, unless your scent and voice are like an angels too!

How about working with children? They don't care how beautiful you are. Unless, you are afraid that you will make the little girls feel bad, for not being able to grow up as beautiful as you!

Drive a truck like I did. You are alone, you get to travel, and you would only have to worry about being confused for a "Lot Lizard" when you stop to get fuel! Or better yet, get into RADIO! :)

Sometimes, it shocks the hell out of me, that these people live in the world with the rest of us!

And just when you think the world is ugly...

You see this!

Alice In Chains, performing with a symphony, covering Led Zeppelin, and for charity!

Don't agree with me? I'll try again tomorrow!