My Daily Observation... May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013

Yup, people like this piss me off! 

Hey lady, in case you haven't noticed over the last 12 years... People don't have a lot of tolerance for screwing around on an airplane! People are tense, nervous, and paranoid being locked into a metal tube, surrounded by strangers, flying at 50,000', and 700 mph, and filled with jet fuel. They have a right to be a bit worked up! They don't need you acting like you're the star of a romantic comedy starring Kevin Costner, and your dumb ass during the flight!

You're lucky I wasn't on that flight...

I would have smashed your head before the flight attendant could get past the drink cart!

And just when you think the gene pool has all but dried up...

The Bruins put on a clinic, of what it looks like to play with heart!