My Daily Observation May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

OK, I saw this over the weekend, and I couldn't believe it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because these people (I refuse to call them kids because many of them are over 18) were small kids on September 11, 2001. To them, they think it's Pearl Harbor, something that their parents remember, but that is so far removed from their own reality. But, I cannot help but be offended, and pissed off that there are this many idiots, gathering together online, after the Marathon Bombing, with the united front of "He's too cute, and too much of a stoner" to be a terrorist. One girl said "I just don't see it!"

I tell you what honey... Come to Boston. You wanna see it? Go visit the Richard Family. You'll see more than you want to! Go sit down with Jeff Bauman, or Carlos Arrendondo, or any of the other victims, and witnesses of the Marathon Bombing.  

What is so hard to believe? That Suspect #2, worked on explosives in his dorm room, at a college where he was getting financial aid? Or that he was involved with a premeditated attack on a group of civilians, on a State Holiday? Or that he was too much of a pussy to tell his bully big brother NO? Or that he could shoot at uniformed police officers, in the middle of a neighborhood? Or that he ran over, and helped to kill his own brother to save his own ass? Or, that he hid overnight, wounded, in a boat, trying to escape? 

You know what I'm trying to figure out? Why someone who used this country as a life boat, and was given public assistance, financial aid, medical care, food, housing, and finally CITIZENSHIP, could so easily turn on that nation, and justify the killing of 2 women, and an 8 year old boy, and wounding hundreds of others?

I'm also trying to figure out what went wrong with you and your parents, that you think because he's too cute, or that he smokes pot that he isn't capable of evil? So, attractive people are good, and ugly people are evil? Pot smokers are good, and booze drinkers are evil? What the f*ck is wrong with you?

I have an idea... You explain the countless video angles to me, if #2 wasn't the bomber... How is he in the video, in the place of the bomb one minute and running away without his backpack the next. You said "I don't see it", well OPEN YOUR F*CKING EYES AND YOU WILL!

If you are the future of this country, we may as well just end it all now, because we are all doomed!

Come to Boston.... Or better yet don't. Because if I saw you walking down the street with your stupid tattoo, in honor of #2, I'd punch you in the mouth and knock your ass out!

And just when you think that the world is doomed...

You see this video from Astronaut Chris Hadfield, from the International Space Station.
He's one of the smartest people on Earth, and beyond, yet he still has enough of a sense of humor to want to use his unique position for something fun, like a music video. I wonder what David Bowie thinks of it?

It must be such a nice view from up there. You're far enough away to not see the evil that lives on the planet.

Bonus Zen, for anyone that loves fighter jets as much as I do!