My Daily Observation... May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013

Like I said yesterday, I will be blogging about what pisses me off, and what makes me think that we are all doomed...
And then, giving you some hope that maybe there is something nice about the Human race!

I'm pissed at the woman, who was "disgusted" by the protestors in Worcester, who didn't want Suspect #1 buried here. She said that it was "America, at it's worst"... To those people who think we should be "leading by example", and showing that we can rise above, and show "compassion" to the bombers rotting corpse... I ask you this...
Who are you trying to convince? The millions of people, living in the Middle East, being fed hatred disguised as religion? Because they don't watch CNN. They won't see, and sure as hell won't hear about how "humane" the Americans were.
You know what they will be  shown? Pictures of how we "glorified the Martyr" by burying him with dignity.
You live in VIRGINIA!!!!!
I'm sure you would have had issue burying the Pentagon terrorists next door on 9/12/01!

You quoted Jesus, saying that we are supposed to "Love our Enemies", so why didn't #1 and #2 do that? Why did they opt to blow us up instead?

I'm glad you took him off of our hands! But, wasn't it supposed to be a BIG SECRET where that maggot was "laid to rest"?
So why did his uncle announce it to the world today?

I hate to tell you, but I predict that you haven't seen the "worst of America" yet, now that everyone knows where you buried a non-citizen terrorist, on American soil, marked or unmarked grave... And when it starts costing money to repair the damage done, by outraged and admittedly criminal Americans, you and his uncle will be the first one's asking for financial help to make the repairs. Sorry, my donations will be headed to the One Fund!

And speaking of September 2001...
Today, New York City got its tallest building status back!
The Freedom Tower was topped live on TV, and now stands a symbolic 1776 feet tall!
It may have taken over a decade to erase that scar on the skyline, but it is beautiful and gives me hope that we can recover from anything. 

And finally, and as extra dose of Zen on this Friday...
I give you Boston!

Don't agree with me?
I'll try again tomorrow!