My Daily Observation June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

So I saw this, and thought we are doomed!

Is it so tough to eat a burger with your hands? Are you that in demand, and busy that you can't take 2 minutes to stuff your face with fast food that will clog your arteries, and make you fat? I mean don't get me wrong... I love a good burger, but I have never said... "I really am hungry, and would love a burger, I just wish that I didn't need my hands to eat one!"

All you have to do is travel outside of the U.S., to a 3rd world country to see how sad and pathetic it is and what a "first world" problem like "I don't have time to eat a burger with my hands, it would be faster and easier if it could be suspended in front of my face like a feed bag" is.
Is this what we have become?
Are we this sad?

And just when you think the next generation has no hope of surviving, I give you this bit of perfect parenting!

 Don't agree with me?
I'll try again tomorrow!