My Daily Observation July 26, 2013 The Death Penalty!

July 26, 2013

OK, I know that I am about to piss some people off, so before I go any further...

Let me just say this. I am aware that the legal system is not perfect, and that mistakes have been made in the past.
However, I also must say that DNA testing is more and more reliable both in convictions and overturning them.

That being said...


As we saw this week in Cleveland, the mere threat of it makes monsters like Ariel Castro quiver, and admit the horrendous things he did to his 3 victims over the last 10 years. Without a painful trial for the victims, Ariel Castro plead guilty, and took a 1000+ year sentence, IF the 2 death penalty charges were dropped against him! 

So why do I bring it up today?

Because I just watched BPD Commissioner Ed Davis have a press conference about the Amy Lord case in Southie.
Edwin Alemany, is a "person of interest" in her brutal murder, and is having a psych evaluation right now. If DNA comes back, and proves that he did this, it will be his 35th adult charge, on top of his 18 juvenile charges... and he is only 28!
He has even ben convicted of stabbing previously!

What is it going to take???
People argue back and forth about gun rights, and gun control.
But, our police are catching these assholes, and our legal system keeps letting them out! And people wonder why people want to own guns and protect themselves???

That poor girl must have been terrified! My only hope is that Edwin Alemany feels that same fear in prison after his conviction!
And I also hope that Ariel Castro gets a painful case of ass cancer while he is serving his 1000 years! He deserves it.