My daily observation...

May 9, 2013

Over the past few weeks, like many other people,  I have been on an emotional rollercoaster. I have seen and heard things that have pissed me off, to my core. And then, a few minutes later, I see or hear something that renews my faith in humanity.

For some reason, when I post something positive online I get very little reaction... 
But, when I freak out and let my temper get the best of me... I hear from so many people who either want to argue with me, or cheer me on!

So, I thought I would use this blog to show what is pissing me off, and making me think that the human race is doomed, and then show something that may just keep me from thinking that all humans are selfish, self centered a$$hats!

Today, I am so aggravated at the thought of Ariel Castro in Cleveland. He was collecting unemployment, hiding in plain sight, all the while torturing and abusing 3 young women just miles from their families who were desperate to find them. As the stories come out about the house of horrors that those women, and one child endured... News is also coming out, that Ariel is not the ONLY sociopathic Castro. I am still not convinced that his brothers aren't involved in some way, and it seems his daughter shares that family gene! Read that terrible story here!  In the U.S., only murder cases are eligible for the death penalty, but to me... what he did was so much worse than murder. Ariel Castro, whose picture I refuse to post because we have all see it too much already, deserves to live the rest of his life the way those poor girls did. And unlike those girls, his life... should be short, very short! 

And just when you think that a family could be so filled with evil, hatred, and all that is bad in this world...

The Richard family releases a statement.

This family has every reason to be filled with hate, rage, and ill will towards the world... And yet, they are not.
They are filled with hope, gratitude, and love.

Today, I thank the Richards for reminding me that not all families are like the Castros!

Donate to the One Fund, and help The Richards, and those like them!