"Mistress Carrie, there's a guy named Slash here to see you."

August 3, 2012

Yeah, that's what really happens. Even Slash has to go through security. Yesterday, the halls of the offices here were alive with excitement. It takes a pretty HUGE rock star to get the secretaries and accountants excited, and Slash is the very definition of a rock star!

I fetched him some coffee, (see what I mean? I haven't fetched someone coffee since I was Hill-Man's intern in 1993) and escorted him into our video studio, for an extended interview for the website. He complimented me on my hair, and my Harley riding boots, and I told him that his black leather Converse were the perfect choice for Boston, since they were made here. He tipped me off, that reps from Converse were headed to the HOB later on that night, to hook him up with the latest Chuck T styles...

Before the mics and cameras were turned on, he asked me if I planned to ask him any 'uncomfortable' Axl questions. I told him that I had to bring it up at some point, but that I wouldn't be an asshole about it. I know he's sick of the questions, but on Facebook and Twitter our listeners OVERWHELMINGLY told me to ask about it, so I have to!

We talked about everything... How he likes his coffee, everything in his career, the Hollywood star, the Hall of Fame induction, Guitar Hero, his kids, his autobiography, and all of the amazing people that he has crossed paths with over the years. He had great stories about Lemmy, Ozzy, Joe Perry, Fergie, Quentin Tarantino, and even Betty Betty White!

The first of many videos from this interview is below!

Then it was into the WAAF studio, for the live, on-air interview before he rushed back to sound check for the show. He couldn't have been nicer to everyone in the halls. He's a quiet guy, and you can tell that crowds of people freak him out. I guess after years of screaming fans trying to get a glimpse of you, touch you, talk your ears off, you get to be a little nervous. He had someone watching his back every step, until it was time to 'work'... Then, we were left alone to talk.

Below, you can listen to the on air breaks that we did live.

After the interview, we snapped a few pictures, and right before the first was taken, Slash yelled out "Say Herpes". It was hilarious!
That explains the stupid grin on my face. And just like that... he was gone. Headed to 'work'.

Later on that night, I headed to the House of Blues to watch Slash do what he does best... play live.
I was asked to go up on stage and say a few things. For a guy that doesn't like crowds, I can tell you, that the view from a packed stage, is pretty intimidating, and he is in his element up there. I'm used to sitting by myself in the sometimes stinky WAAF studio.

When Slash hit the stage, it had to have been 150* in there. The place was packed! The band was tight, loud, and awesome. The setlist (that Slash worked on in our studio) was packed with new and old songs alike. GNR classics sounded amazing, and the crowd sang along to every word. Lemmy even showed up to do a song with the band!

Thanks to Slash, for a great day and an awesome night!