Mistress Carrie short documentary, watch it here!

March 5, 2014

A little over a year ago, I was approached by Steve Milo, someone I've known since he was in High School, about a special project. Steve was a film editing student at Emerson College. For his final film project, he wanted to make a short documentary and asked for my help. He wanted me to be the subject, I said yes, but wasn't sure what was so interesting that was worth making a documentary about. Steve talked about my history at WAAF, and my trips overseas. He asked for a leap of faith on my part. In order for it to be a true documentary, he asked me to give him total access to me, the radio station, and my audio, photo, and video archives. I wouldn't have any input on the final edit, this was his project after all.

I learned what it was like to be followed by a "reality show" camera crew for about a month. We filmed sit down interviews after I got off of the air, and worked late into the night. He asked to talk to my boss, family, and some of "My Guys" (the guys I was embedded with in Iraq and Afghanistan)

They all said yes too.

We stopped filming, and Steve started editing shortly before the Boston Marathon in 2013. Obviously, when you see the final edit, you'll understand why he needed to film one last interview, by the Charles river, because of the events of that tragic day on Boylston Street. Everything else in this film was recorded before the marathon.

I'm very proud to say that Steve got an A on his final, and graduated with the Class of 2013 from Emerson College.

It's never an easy thing to see yourself through someone else's eyes, or to give up all creative control, but I am so happy with the way Steve's project came out. I love my job, and everyone here at WAAF. Thank you so much for listening, and letting me be a part of your lives for the past 16 years.

To our troops and veterans... this is for you!