Mistress Carrie, Alice In Chains and Joe Amorosino?

September 8, 2009

YUP! You heard it right! I made a new friend last night at the Alice In Chains show at the Paradise! I thought he looked familiar... Channel 7's Sports Director... Joe Amorosino! I had no idea that he was an AIC fan! Turns out, he listens every afternoon! And since I watch his sportscasts, we're a new force to be reckoned with! What do you think? Could we switch jobs for a week? He brought it up! Can you imagine ME trying to do a sportscast? Can you imagine HIM hosting the Happy Ending? Either way, Joe called in to talk Alice In Chains, the Grunge era and and the Richard Seymour trade!

Click here to listen to the call!

Joe Amorosino