Metallica and Crabs?

April 29, 2009

metallica1You may wonder what they have in common...

Metallica & Crabs...?

Well, it could be what happened while they were on tour with G'N'R in 1991!


That Metallica & Crabs are both featured on the Discovery Channel on 2 of my FAVORITE shows... Time Warp and The Deadliest Catch!discovery-channel-deadliest-catch

Well, Metallica were not in Alaska catching King Crabs so they must have been on Time Warp tonight!timewarp

If you haven't seen Time Warp before... It's awesome! And, we can blame the brains at MIT for this! They use SUPER SLOW MO cameras, to show what's really happening, during some of lifes most boring times...

For instance, what does a wet dog look like shaking itself dry? Or, what does a melon look like while it's being cut in half by a chainsaw... nevermind all of the microwave fun! Sometimes the shoot 5000 frames per second! It's really cool!

Well, tonight, they showed what's going on UP CLOSE while Metallica is playing! Who knew that James spit so much while he was singing or how fast Kirk really moves his fingers during a solo, what it looks like when Robert blows up his amp, and how Lars can hit a cymbal so hard that it bends and snaps back into place! It was really interesting to watch, and the band was really into it too!

lemmyIf they are going to start featuring Heavy Metal on this show... Why stop with Metallica? Why not use these awesome cameras to analyze Lemme's mole, or Axl's corn rows... What about a super slow mo BJ by a groupie in the back of the bus, or what Jack Daniels looks like coming out of someone's nose while they puke!

The options are limitless! vomit1

C'mon Time Warp... We want the VOMIT!

If you missed Metallica's tonight and you want to see it... CLICK HERE!